A church is its people, and the people we share our time with each week at Northwest Community Baptist church have a heart for each other and their community, we would love you to join us.

Northwest Community Baptist Church is led by Senior Pastor Rev Alan Hood. Alan trained through Morling College in Macquarie Park, Sydney and has pastored churches within Sydney and NSW for 30 years.

Alan is responsible for pastoral visitation, pastoral counselling, preaching, sharing the vision and mission of the church and the day to day running of the church. Our aim is to be a church where people can find wholeness from our various stages of brokenness through discovering the love and grace of God and through the fellowship of his people.

Northwest Community Baptist Church is a church that seeks to bring people and God together. Our mission is to bring, in a non-threatening way, the truth about God as revealed in the bible. We believe that the bible reveals who God is, who we are in relation with God and how we can return to a right relationship with God. We believe this is essential for all people because those who die without being in a right relationship with God will spend eternity without God and without the blessing that being with God brings.

We believe that the bible reveals the following things:-

God is perfect, we are not.

God made us perfect and we moved away from his perfection.

God loves us and seeks to bring us back to his perfection.

God sent Jesus to live on earth, die on the cross and return to life in order to enable us to be reconciled with God.

We must respond by faith and commitment to what God has done.

When reconciled with God we commence a process of returning to perfection through the work of God’s Holy Spirit.

When we die physically we are made perfect by the power of God and we will live with him forever.

The people of Northwest Community Baptist Church will never force these beliefs on any person, we will happily share what we believe to any person willing to listen.