Mission Statement

Our mission at Northwest Community Childcare is to provide a positive environment which is safe and enjoyable providing Christian care for our children, families, staff and community.

We believe our children….

Have the potential and promise to become well rounded individuals with the encouragement of a nurturing, supportive and relaxing environment.

We recognise all children as individuals with rights and allow them to be involved and included in an environment that is free from stereotypes, discrimination and judgements.

We believe all children have a voice that we respect and value. We encourage a sense of belonging to our service and give all children the opportunity and pathways to make open, respectful and reciprocal relationships with others in a positive way. We support our children in their development of autonomy and independence and understand that each child develops differently.

We believe our families….

Are an integral part of who we are. We provide a welcoming, positive, safe and caring environment where every family is valued. We acknowledge the uniqueness and diversity that each family brings to the service.
We encourage open communication with our families through various mediums and value all interactions. We support our families through difficult times and decisions and we are always here to help in any way we can.

We believe our community….

Is our key support network and we nourish relationships within our local and wider communities.

We acknowledge the original custodians of the land. We believe in a positive and proactive approach to our environment and encourage educators and children to discover respect for the land, nature and animals. We continue our journey towards a sustainable future for the well-being of all in the community and promote sustainability in our centres.

We have a strong link to Northwest Community Baptist Church and promote Christian values among our staff however respect all our families cultures and beliefs and understand that every family has various needs which we value and support.

We welcome community involvement recognising it as an evolving resource benefiting the child, family and community. We believe in rich relationships within our organisation. We desire and promote professional and personal growth resulting in acceptance, support and celebration of each other.

We believe our staff….

Are our most precious resource and each staff member brings fundamental personal qualities to the centre such as empathy, compassion, respect and warmth. We support and value all input into decision making by our staff and encourage them with their professional development. We acknowledge the importance of working as a team to provide high quality care and education and further understand our role as advocates for the children and their rights.

We believe our program….

Is underpinned by a commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and respect each child’s right to play and leisure opportunities. Our program promotes the importance of play especially child initiated play. It offers children a balance of structured and unstructured activities to choose from. We acknowledge that children have been at school all day and want to relax, interact with friends and have fun, therefore our programs encourage children to make their own choices based on individual needs, strengths, interests, age and energy levels.

We believe that children’s voices are the most important part of our program for that reason all children are given the opportunity to have input into the program with ideas and suggestions.

Through group projects children are empowered to work together, to show respect, care for and appreciate their natural environment.

Our Goals:

  • To be respectful to all who enter our centres.
  • To be open and approachable for all children, families, staff and community members.
  • To promote the belonging of our children.
  • To strive to become more sustainable for the future.
  • Always act in the best interest for our children.
  • To support, recognise and value our staff.
  • To provide a safe and engaging environment.
  • To provide support and understanding to all family matters.
  • To respect and celebrate all cultures and religions.
  • To provide a flexible yet stimulating program.
  • To link all aspects of the program to the United Nations Convention on the right of a child.
  • To support and encourage our community to be involved in our centres.
  • To promote the values of Northwest Community Baptist Church.
  • To understand that our staff are individuals and encourage their personal development and knowledge.