Having trouble? See our list of frequently asked questions below and view our step by step instructions to help assist you when using My Family Lounge.

Enrolment Process

  • How do I update new information on my Enrolment Form?
    If you need to update or add any new information to your child/ren’s enrolment form (eg. Contact Numbers, Email Address, New Medical Information) you can easily digitally update this information on My Family Lounge. Click here to learn how: Updating Your Enrolment Form 

  • How do I upload an Action Plan to my enrolment form? 
    If you child has a medical condition with a medical management plan, anaphylaxis medical management plan, risk minimisation plan or any other documents you can simply upload a digital copy to your enrolment form. Follow our Step by Step guide here: How to upload an Action Plan.

Vacation Care Bookings

  • How do I book Vacation Care services for my child? 
    Vacation care programs are released and enrolments can be placed from week 6 of each term. You will need to book care through My Family Lounge Portal. These bookings are classed as “casual care” to learn more about booking Vacation Care view our Step by Step guide here: How to create a Vacation Care Booking 

  • I haven’t received a confirmation email for my Vacation Care Bookings.
    The “My Family Lounge” portal does not send automatic confirmation emails. To view you confirmed days, please log into your account and proceed to view your casual care bookings. Days in “purple” indicate confirmed care.