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Child Care Subsidy

What is Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

How do I know if I’m eligible for CCS?
Please check by clicking here.

I can’t see Centrelink anywhere on my MyGov account?
You will firstly, need to link Centrelink to your MyGov account. Click here.

I need to make a Child Care claim but don’t know how?
Click here for instructions on how to claim Child Care Subsidy.

How do I confirm my child’s enrolment in Centrelink?
You will need to log into your MyGov account. Please click here for a guide.

I can see the CCS percentage coming through, but have no eligible fortnightly hours. How do I update this?
You will need to updated your activity test in your Centrelink account. Please click here on how to do so.

I already confirmed my child’s enrolment last Vacation Care, why do I need to confirm it again?
CCS automatically drops off and ceases every 6 to 8 weeks if there is no consistent attendance, unfortunately we have no control over this. As Vacation Care is classed as casual care, you will need to confirm your child’s enrolment every Vacation Care period they attend. If your child normally attends Riverbank or John Palmer during school term you will not have to confirm again for Vacation Care.

Waiting List

What’s my position on the waiting list?

As we have recently migrated to our online waiting list portal, called My Family Lounge we cannot determine your exact position on our waiting list. This is due to numbers constantly changing and by families cancelling days.

The waiting list is generated by pages and we offer according to the date of application. If you have correctly transitioned your child onto the waiting list you will be able to see their booking request by logging into My Family Lounge.

Please be advised that due to the centre running at capacity for the last year, we have had minimal cancellations for 2018. Which provides no  vacancies for any new families requiring care. As soon as places become available throughout the term, you will be notified via email and receive an offer through My Family Lounge.

Are you able to hold my position if I accept at a later starting date?

Sorry but we unable to hold your spots for this long, due to other families on our waiting list. This is to ensure that we give all families a fair chance. We also have a limited time to accept offers, as this keeps the waiting list moving.

Please note that if you do decline this offer, you will be moved down to the bottom of the waiting list and this position will be offered to another family.


If I notify the service of my child being absent with notice, will I still be charged as normal?

Yes, you will still be charged as per our parent handbook, single days or holiday periods are classed as an absentee and will be charged as per the Fees Policy.

Fees are payable for illness/sickness, absence and holidays taken during school term; not the school holidays.

Please note you are only allowed to have 42 days of absentees each financial year before this affects your Child Care Subsidy.

Payment and Statements

How do I make a payment?
We currently offer two different payment methods.

You can pay by Credit Card – which is deducted fortnightly. Click here to complete a form.

Or you can pay by Direct Deposit by manually making a bank transfer using our BSB and Account Number, which can be found at the bottom of your statement – on the first page.

Do you have Direct Debit?
Sorry, we currently do not offer this payment method.

When are statements sent out?
Statements are sent via email every fortnight on Friday’s. If you have selected to pay by Credit Card – this will be taken out the following Tuesday every fortnight.

How are we billed?
Fortnightly. You are charged for the previous week and the current week. The statement will be billed up to the Friday of the current week and sent out.

How do I understand my statement?
Please click here on how to read your statement.