Debitsuccess QK Flyer Parent Guide

Download Direct Debit Form

Northwest Community Childcare is partnering with Debit Success, who are a company that will provide a gateway to collect and process your payment.

Please refer to the Debit Success Guide for Parents above.

Families will now have two payment options – Direct Debit or Credit Card.

  • Direct Debit, which is a fee free option (we will cover the transaction cost).
  • Visa or Mastercard, which will incur a 1.87% processing fee.
  • American Express, which will incur a 4.4% processing fee.

To assist with a smooth transition to the new payment options, please complete and return the Direct Debit Form above via email to .

  • All families, even those already making payment by credit card, will need to complete and return the attached form.
  • Please include the Centre your child attends, and your Family account number (refer to my family lounge or your last emailed statement) in the subject of your email.

Queries regarding the new payment options or billing policies for Northwest Community Childcare can be made via telephone on 02 8678 0279 or emailed to