How and When to apply

Our 2018 Application Forms have been released to allow time to prepare and complete the forms prior to our open date. Applications open on 12am Sunday 1st October 2017, application will only be accepted from this time and date only. Any forms that are received prior to this open time will be invalid and required to be resubmitted on the correct date.

This is an application form only

Please be aware that this form is only an application form and it does not guarantee or book in care for 2018. Based on availability, bookings will be offered via email and enrolment forms must be completed and confirmed before commencement of care.

Waitlist may apply

We are currently running at capacity at our Riverbank, Barnier and John Palmer centres. We anticipate that large waitlist will occur and that not all applicants will be accepted into care. It is strongly suggested if you need care at these centres to look into other care options and apply at alternate centres if you are in need of urgent care for 2018.

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